About EBWS

Elcon Banshu Wiring System (EBWS) came into existence in the year 2019 when Elconconnectors Cables, India joined hands with P.T. Banshu Electric Indonesia (a subsidiary of Japan’s Banshu Electric Equipment Co. based in the western Japan city of Kakogawa) and P.T. Askara Internal, to manufacture wiring harnesses in India.

P.T. Banshu Electric Indonesia is a highly backward integrated wiring harness manufacturer for 2-wheelers, Automotive Tier-1s, Construction Machineries & Special Vehicles.

PT. Askara Internal which was founded in 1996 is a company engaged in general trading for the procurement of a wide range of industrial needs, both good and services.

Products & Applications

  • 2-wheelers: Cost effective technically superior value engineered solutions
  • Construction Machinery: An added advantage being a part of Banshu group, which is a global supplier to top construction machinery manufacturers
  • Automotive Tier-1s: Capable of catering a verity of Tier-1 applications of passenger vehicle
  • Special Vehicles: Capability to support a host of special vehicle applications